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"Cirrus HD-OCT captures a dense cube of scan data in just 2.4 seconds, providing 2-D and 3-D images, layer segmentation and optical biopsies for assessment of the retinal condition."

"User-friendly color touch screen display provides more options to treat more patients, and is more comfortable to use."

We provide the best comprehensive, professional eye care

for you and your family.

All of our Chattanooga eye doctors and eye doctors in Ooltewah are well trained and here for your convenience to manage, diagnose and treat most eye related conditions including; red eye, dry eyes, ocular allergy, corneal abrasions, corneal foreign body removal, glaucoma evaluations, yearly diabetic eye examinations, as well as refractions for eye glasses and contact lens fittings...

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Comprehensive Eye Examinations


Kid Friendly Pediatric and Pre-School Examinations


Cataract evaluation and treatment


How to put on and take out your contacts!

Wearing Your contacts longer than you should?

How to handle your contact lenses

What is contact lens comfort made from?

Brett McDonough, O.D.

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